PanHERED™ Inherited Cancer Panel (HIC)

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a type of genetic disease that is often caused by accumulated DNA mutation. It normally takes a few years and even a decade of time to develop a malignant tumor from DNA mutation. With oncogene mutations can significantly increase the risk of cancer.

The incidence and mortality of cancer are on the rise
Cancer has become the top killer in both Hong Kong and Mainland China
Affecting every one of us
Nearly everyone has heard of real cancer cases within their social circles
Suffering cancer was gradually younger
China accounts for 1/4 of the global deaths of young cancer patients
Most patients are already in the middle and late stages of cancer when they are diagnosed
Most early-stage cancer patients have a five-year survival rate of over 90%

Comprehensive Genetic Cancer Panel

With oncogene mutations can significantly increase the risk of cancer. Therefore, we prevent cancer through Genetic Testing.

There are manily two types of cancers.

1.Hereditary Cancer
Having cancers in several generations
Having cancers at younger ages
Having more than 1 type of cancer in a whole life
2. Sporadic Cancer
Environment interaction
Usually late-onset
Only one type of Cancer in a whole life

Assess and Understand the Risk of Cancer for yourself

Common cancers are :

Inherited Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer (The Major Related Genes: BRCA 1 & 2)
Hereditary non-polyposis colorectal Cancer

Test Specifications

Test Code Methodology Specimen Requirements Turnaround Time
HIC NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) 6ml blood in Lavender-top EDTA tube 4-6 Weeks