• COVID-19
    Test Service
    Understand your physical condition towards COVID-19
    with continuous monitoring
  • HPV DNA Test
    Cervical Cancer
    Comprehensive HPV test, covering 33 common clinical HPV genotypes
  • MYGENIA® Inherited Cardiac Disease Genetic Screening
    This diagnostic test evaluate 255 genes that associated with 81 inherited cardiac diseases
  • More than 400+ inherited diseases
    NJ Series Carrier Disease Screening
    Technology accuracy rate as high as 99.9% (Suitable for Newborn / Child)
  • MYGENIA® ctDNA Cancer Risk Assessment Evolved
    Comprehensively early cancer risk assessment can interrogate 270 cancer-related genes in a single test
  • Genetic
    Counselling Services
    We provide one-stop solution and base on each customer’s needs
    to design and provide a tailored solution

Our Services


The tests can help you understand your physical condition and continuously monitor for avoid spreading to your relatives and friends.

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Women & Men Health Tests

Learn how our molecular diagnostics techniques can help to protect your daily health.

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Hereditary & Recessive Diseases

Discover more about your DNA and empower yourself for a healthier future.

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Precision Oncology

Our genetic testing can help your doctor to identify avenues for more effective medicines and personalized treatments.

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Genetic Counselling Reservation

One-Stop Solution

Our consultation service includes diagnosis, disease progression monitoring and medical advice from genetic counselors & multiple discipline specialists. We could base on each patient’s needs to design and provide a tailored solution.

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