PanHERED™ Hereditary Breast and Gynecologic Cancers Panel

Earlier Screening and Earlier Prevention for Better Health Management

Breast and Gynecologic Cancers are the leading killers of Hong Kong women. According to the Hong Kong Cancer Registry, there were more than 7,200 new cases for the following women’s cancers in 2019, accounting for over 40% of all new cancer cases1#.

If you have inherited a mutation in one of the cancer-related genes, your risk of developing cancer is greatly increased

Inherited genetic mutations play a more significant role in the following gynecologic cancers

Corpus uteri

Taking breast cancer as an example, a study published in Hong Kong Medical Journal summarized that individuals with an inherited mutation in one of the genes listed below have a significantly increased lifetime risk of breast cancer2.

Is cancer usually inherited?

The medical community recognized that there are two hereditary forms of cancer
Familial Cancer
More than one family members who have the same or a related cancer
May due to the interactions between certain genes and environmental factors
About 15% cancer cases are familial
Hereditary Cancer
Higher risk of developing certain types of cancer due to inherited mutations in certain genes
The gene mutations may be passe on to succeeding generations
About 10% of all cancers are hereditary 3
To date, more than 80 Genes are known to be associated with Hereditary Cancers 4

PanHERED™ Hereditary Breast and Gynecologic Cancers Panel

Allows the comprehensive analysis of genes associated with the above-mentioned hereditary breast and gynecologic cancers
Provides results that may help guide subsequent surveillance and possible preventive measures

Test Specifications

Test Code Methodology Specimen Requirements Turnaround Time
HBG NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) 6ml blood in Lavender-top EDTA tube 4-6 Weeks


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