Mygenia One Health Risk Assessment

What is genetic testing?

Genetic testing can achieve early detection of asymptomatic disorders, so that various interventions may be used to prevent the onset of hereditary diseases or minimize the harm. The test results also allow the individual to make informed decisions about their health care, lifestyle management as well as family planning. Parents can benefit from knowing that they have not passed genetic disorder to their children. 

What does Mygenia One offer?

Mygenia One offers the total solution for hereditary testing with a screening of over 2,700 genes and over 900 hereditary diseases. From cancer, development disorder to cardiac diseases, various asymptomatic genetic mutations and related health risks can be identified by this premium genetic test.

How can Mygenia One panel test help you assess the risk?

Mygenia One covers different aspects in your life, from family planning, newborn, adultery to hereditary cancer. Healthcare starts before symptoms. With Mygenia One, you will have your comprehensive genome profile and understand all the potential threats in your future. Start your healthcare a step ahead with Mygenia One.

Who should do the test?

  • Mygenia One is suitable for people of all age groups, including those who would like to understand if they are at risk of any hereditary diseases. It can meet all of your genetic testing needs.

Test Specifications

Test Code
Specimen Requirements
Turnaround Time
Next generation sequencing (NGS)
6 mL blood in EDTA tube/ buccal swab
30 days
Next generation sequencing (NGS)
6 mL blood in EDTA tube/ buccal swab
30 days

Precautions before testing

No transfusion of blood 1 month before the test

No organ Transplantation

What should I do if my test results are positive?

Please counsel your physicians or genetic counselor for professional advices before taking any actions.

Sharing the result with family members.

How to get started

Our tests must be ordered by a doctor. Ask your doctor if a Mygenia test is right for you. We can help you find a doctor if you don’t have one.

I have a doctor