Healthy, Happy
Mothers and Children

Healthy, Happy
Mothers and Children

Effective screening helps ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy

A child reflects both parents. This also applies to DNA, where the child inherits good and bad traits of each parent. Inherited traits can cause serious problems in a child yet not be apparent in the parents. Parents-to-be should screen for inheritable diseases before having a baby, but even that is not enough. Childbirth is a complicated process. While in the womb, the baby undergoes many changes at a molecular level, some of which may develop health risks. Pangenia’s Prenatal and Women’s Health tests offer guidance that helps mothers protect themselves and their children.

What do Pangenia's Prenatal and Women's health tests screen for?

  1. Infectious diseases

    Infectious diseases, especially sexually transmitted diseases, can cause serious developmental problems in the newborn. For example, a Chlamydia Trachomatis (CT) infection can cause blindness. Other common infections like hepatitis and human papillomavirus can affect the health of mother and child.

  2. Genetic abnormalities developed during pregnancy

    DNA is organized in structures called chromosomes that carry a baby's genetic information. Chromosomal DNA can spontaneously undergo a number of abnormal changes while embryonic cells divide and develop during pregnancy. Some of these changes can affect the baby’s health. Pangenia’s prenatal tests can help monitor the baby’s well-being.

  3. Identify rare diseases after birth

    Unusual symptoms and abnormalities can be difficult to diagnose, especially for newborn babies who can’t communicate their symptoms. Pangenia’s postnatal tests can help doctors diagnose an infant’s condition, or rule out possible disorders.

Choosing the best test for you and your baby

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology allows the screening of a vast number of genes in a short time. This enables doctors to scan through numerous genetic factors that may affect a new mother and baby. Pangenia offers both prenatal and postnatal tests to screen for inherited conditions that may affect your child.

How to get started

Our tests must be ordered by a doctor. Ask your doctor if a Mygenia test is right for you. We can help you find a doctor if you don’t have one.

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