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Pangenia works with leading international oncologists to support specialists with knowledge that will strengthen their service and expertise, and achieve better health outcomes.

Why choose Pangenia?

  1. Advanced technology

    We provide access to the latest in molecular diagnostic testing via the most advanced available technology for genetic screening and hereditary risk assessments.

  2. Efficient results

    Every minute counts when it comes to health,. Our fast turnaround times get you the comprehensive DNA data, results and analyses you need, quickly and efficiently.

  3. Expert analysis

    We provide in-depth data analysis, specialist knowledge and valuable insights that enable you to provide the best possible care, recommendations and courses of treatment.

  4. Consulting specialists

    To complement our in-house expertise, we work closely with consulting specialist, Dr. Christopher Corless, to provide additional advice and analysis. An expert in surgical pathology and molecular diagnostics, Dr. Corless works from our partner lab, Knight Diagnostic Laboratories, a US-based global leader in genetic testing for solid tumours and hematopoietic malignancies.

Learn more about our tests

We offer a wide and growing range of molecular diagnostic tests that include hereditary risk assessments and precision cancer tests.

All our test reports are accompanied by comprehensive reports and can include assay and methodology descriptions, specialist opinion and analysis, mutation detection, publication references, clinical trial reports and treatment suggestions along with any other pertinent information.

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Our research papers, documents and studies are updated regularly. Feel free to download any of these from our resource library.