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Answering questions is at the heart of everything we do at Pangenia. Our FAQ section is all about bringing you the answers to the questions we hear most often.

How it works

  • How do I request a test from Pangenia?

    Pangenia tests are available through your doctor. Ask your doctor about Pangenia tests. If you like, we can introduce a doctor in your area.
  • Do I need a doctor’s referral to order a test?

    Pangenia's tests are considered to be medical tests therefore require a doctor’s assessment. Your doctor will make a professional judgment whether you need to be tested.
  • What is the Turn Around Time (TAT) for the test?

    TAT means the time required from the time the sample arrives at our lab to when the report is generated. It could range from three to fourteen days depending on the test that you choose. Please refer to the TAT under test details of each test.

    We’re committed to providing patients, clinicians and healthcare professionals with fast clinical testing services. We know that the test results might be critical for your treatment or medical decision.
  • What kind of test samples do you need for the tests?

    Every test has different sample requirements. Usually we need whole blood, FFPE tissues or a buccal swab. You can find the required test sample for different tests in the test details. Please refer to our complete test menu for more information.
  • How much would a test cost?

    The price of the test depends on the technology and TAT. We want to provide patients, clinicians and healthcare professionals with high quality clinical testing services for the best possible price. Please ask your doctor for detailed costs as prices may vary for different tests.
  • Does my insurance cover Pangenia tests?

    Please contact your insurance company for more details about your insurance plan.
  • What happens to my DNA after it is analyzed?

    Your DNA sample is de-identified and stored for research purposes only. When you sign our informed consent form, you give Pangenia permission to anonymize your DNA for general research or validation purposes.
  • What should I do after the test?

    It's strongly recommended that you consult medical professionals about the test result.  They will provide their professional opinion.
  • Patient Contact Information

    We would only contact patient through the requesting physician unless other contact approach has been proposed and agreed by patient.

Test results

  • What information can I find in my test report?

    Our comprehensive reports include assay description and methodology, mutation hotspot identification (single gene tests), mutation detection and mutant allele frequency (Cquence NGS panel tests), specialist opinion and analysis (Cquence NGS panel tests), treatment suggestions (when applicable), publication references and clinical trial information.
  • Can I contact Pangenia directly for report interpretation?

    Pangenia's tests are considered to be medical tests. We will send your report to your doctors only, who will then interpret the results for you.
  • What should I know about the clinical advice and interpretation of results provided by Pangenia?

    As a medical testing laboratory, clear communications with clinical colleagues are important for the best patient care. There are many channels, and the most commonly adopted ones are:

    1. laboratory report - if there are problems or uncertainties associated with the diagnosis, they are usually stated in the comments.

    2. advisory service from the pathologist - advisory service is available from the laboratory's consulting pathologist if clinical interpretation of examination results, or clinical input and consultation is needed.

    3. informal communication through the phone - this form of communication is very important. Sometimes a diagnosis may become more obvious with the additional clinical information obtained from clinical colleagues through the phone.


Privacy and security

  • What is Pangenia’s privacy policy?

    We will only send your test report to your doctor who ordered the test for you. Any personal data, such as medical history, age, sex, etc, and raw data and/or test results will be reported only to the referring health care provider(s), partner laboratory and/or genetic counselor (where allowed). Patients may contact the referring parties to obtain the results of the test. Raw data and test results will not be released to any other parties.



Complaint procedure

  • What is the complaint procedure of Pangenia?

         As an accredited medical testing laboratory, the company receives and handles complaints from our customer properly. The company may receive customer complaints through one or more of the following ways:

         a)        Telephone calls (+852 3989 7211)

         b)        Facsimile (+852 3989 6161)

         c)        Email (

         d)        Correspondence


         The company will confirm with the customer that a complaint is received. At the conclusion of the complaint investigation, the company communicates with the customer and let the customer know the results. This procedure is established for               handling customer complaint to ensure:

          a)        follow up action is promptly taken to resolve complaints,

          b)        causes of complaint are eliminated and recurrence is prevented


Other questions

  • What if I cannot find the information I need from this website?

    Please contact Pangenia for more information, our customer service team is always ready to assist you.
  • What is the location of Pangenia's diagnostic laboratory?

    Unit 1380, 13/F, KITEC, 1 Trademart Drive, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong.
  • Instruction on Filling the Request Form

    Information on the request forms must be filled in correctly as this will be used for the identification of patient and requester, location of patient/contact information, examination to be performed, type/collection/reception information of primary specimens, and clinical information being related to patient and examination.  The common fields in the request forms are listed below:



    Option / Filing format

    Patient demographics

    Patient name

    Full name as on identifying document, surname first

    ID on identification document



    Male / Female

    Ethnic origin

    Asian / Caucasian /  Others

    Date of birth


    Patient contact information

    Phone or fax number of patient  / through requesting physician

    Referring physician



    Hospital / clinic reference  number


    Physician signature / chop

    Need formal  confirmation by signature / chop

    Patient clinical information

    Referral reason:

    Fill in patient clinical information being related to the requested examination

    Specimen information


    Chorionic villi (CV) / Amniotic fluid (AF) / Blood / Buccal swab / Liquid-based cytology preservative (LBCP) / Tissue / Others

    Date of sampling


    Examination information

    Examination(s) under request

    Choose one or more examinations

  • How do I get assistance in filling out the test request form?

    Please contact Pangenia (+852 3989 6160) for any questions encountered while filling out the test request form. Our customer service team in always ready to assist you.


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